When you work with Wisdom Fitness you get more than just a trainer to walk you through a workout, you get a support team tailored to meet your needs with one goal in mind,


Michael Wisdom-Owner


Michael is a Health and Fitness Professional and Certified Personal Trainer with 10 years experience in the fitness industry and holds a BS in Kinesiology from Kansas State University.  An athlete since he could walk Michael began his competitive athletic career at the age of 6 in Olympic Style Weightlifting, competing on a national level until high school when he shifted focus to team sports.  Being in a gym setting on a daily basis for most of his life, Kinesiology was a perfect fit for Michael to continue to refine his passion for fitness.  

Since college Michael has been a competitive NPC bodybuilder and takes pride in practicing what he preaches.  As well as striving to achieve his own fitness goals Michael is an active member of the Young Professional Board for Special Olympics Chicago.    


Success is created in the same way a house is built, one brick at a time from the foundation up.

This principle rings true in fitness as well and that is the basis for how Wisdom Fitness approaches the goals of each and every client from first time gym-goers, to post rehab clients, to elite athletes.  

Our focus in the gym is never to simply develop proficiencies within the confines of the gym, our focus is to develop these proficiencies as tools that can be utilized to improve your life outside of the gym.  Whether that means that you as the client will now be able to wear your bathing suit proudly at the beach, set a new PR in your next marathon, rush for 1000 yards next football season, or go through your daily life without that nagging back pain, we make sure there is an comprehensive understanding of how everything we do in the gym correlates to that big picture goal. 




Wisdom Fitness is blessed to have developed relationships with some of the top professionals in the industry and operates out of HiFi Fitness, the largest private personal training studio in the country.  With over 30,000 sq ft of space dedicated to ONLY personal training and small group fitness.  HiFi Fitness is equipped with the most cutting edge equipment alongside all of the old school staples like kettlebells, battling ropes, sledge hammers, tires, and sleds.  Imagine the amenities and offerings of any top-notch commercial gym minus the trappings of membership fees and pushy unsupportive atmosphere that comes along with it.  

You enter these doors knowing everyone you encounter is here with one soul purpose, To Create Change!