Personal Training

Personal Training can be a perfect solution for most individuals to maximize the effectiveness of your efforts to improve health and wellness.  With proper guidance you can reduce the risk of injury and make the process of dieting and training much more efficient.  Personal training can help improve many aspects of your life such as; weight loss, strength and endurance gains, improved sports performance, increased flexibility and mobility, injury prevention, proprioception, and increased energy levels.


​In-Home Training​

Train in the convenience of your own home or building fitness center.  

This is a great option for busy professionals who don't have enough time in their day to get to the gym, beginners who may not feel comfortable  working out in a gym setting, parents trying to juggle family and fitness, and individuals looking to utilize the amenities available in their building.

Wisdom Fitness' primary service area is River North, Gold Coast, Lincoln Park, Streeterville, Loop, and River West neighborhoods.  

If you are located outside of these areas we still have options available for you.  Additional fees may apply. 

Studio Training

Come train with us at HiFi Fitness, located in Chicago's vibrant River North neighborhood.  This is a great option for clients who don't have available space or access to a fitness center for In-Home Training as well as those looking to be pushed to the next level with a vast array of tools available only in this amazing studio setting.

Olympic Weightlifting Training

Olympic Weightlifting is a dynamic skill based strength training modality which focuses on developing proficiencies in 2 specific competition lifts, the Clean & Jerk and the Snatch. If you're looking to improve your lifts for crossfit or sport specific training this may be a tool to add.  If you are interested in competing in Olympic Weightlifting we offer a path to competition in USAW sanctioned events.

Small Group Training

Small group training is available for groups of 2-5 clients at a time.  This is a great option for clients who prefer to workout with family or friends. This option can create a very motivational dynamic and be very cost effective.  

Clients are encouraged to workout with groups sharing similar fitness levels and goals.  Rates vary based on group size.