Our main focus at Wisdom Fitness is the success of each client we are blessed to interact with on a daily basis.  

These are a few of the success stories and some of the feedback from clients past and present.

"I have been serious about working out for several years, but after some time I noticed that I had hit a plateau.  Within weeks of training with Mike, I had not only taken my training to a new level, but he also gave me many great ideas about nutrition, routines, and overcoming personal hurdles.  He keeps the intensity up, the redundancies down, and I always look forward to my next workout.".

-Carla C.

"This is my story
I knew that if you keep doing what you’re doing, you are going to keep getting what you’ve got.
I didn’t like where I was. I knew I needed to do something different. What I had been doing didn’t get me the results I wanted. I realized I needed professional help.
I was very overweight. I had some family stress that I couldn’t burn off, and so that caused high blood pressure. I had borderline high blood sugar. My family Dr. told me that all I needed to do, to get all of that under control, was to exercise.
That would be great, but I had some issues that made exercise…a bit hard.
My left leg was so dysfunctional I could barely stand on it without it giving way, and I would fall over if I didn’t catch myself with my right leg. Every step I took was extremely difficult, as well as very painful. I had to consciously pick up my leg to take a step. I really can’t say that I was walking; I don’t know how to identify what it was. Just that I was mobile and upright. In fact, I once fell down the stairs when my left leg gave out, and my right leg wasn’t fast enough to catch me. That was a very low point in my life. Because I was only 32 years old, and I physically felt so much like an old, broken down person.
November 1, 2008
I feel that finding Mike was an answer to my prayers. I appreciated his personal experience, and background in fitness. And as I got to know about his level of education, I was able to respect him even more. Being a Massage Therapist, I know enough about Applied Kinesiology, to know that it is a very thorough approach. I felt that he was uniquely qualified to help me. I was so happy to have found him.
The first time we met, he spent some time asking me about my fitness goals. I told him my goal was to walk, and to walk without pain.
He then asked me to think beyond just that. What was it that I really wanted? I’m thinking, “What? I can’t even walk, what else is there?”
But then I really thought about what my personal fitness dream really was. My dream, my wish upon a star, is to RUN along the lake. I want to be a RUNNER. That thought made me so happy, exhilarated. My mind was in a place of make-believe. I felt that it was nothing short of a fantasy.
Then I came back to earth, trying to accept myself where I was.
Mike then analyzed me and how I moved. He found where my main weaknesses were, and he set out to strengthen those areas. As well as areas that needed fine tuning.
What Mike did for me has impacted every aspect of my life, and it all started with his approach to health, fitness, and wellness. He started me on a path that I thought was lost to me forever.
It took time, and it was hard work. But I stuck with it. Anything he told me to do, I did it. And slowly but surely, I saw progress. I felt more upright, stronger inside. I was moving forward, progressing for the first time since my condition had started 3 years before.
A very happy day came when I was able to play hop scotch at the park with my young sons. I hadn’t hopped in years, at least without my spine feeling like it was going to break in half. Then I realized that, I am walking too! And the pain is gone! The emotional response I had was huge…I cried.
But I wasn’t done yet.
As a couple of months went by, and I progressed to the point where I even tried jumping rope with my sons. I couldn’t believe that I could do it. I had come so far.
But I wasn’t done yet.
Soon, I was able to carry a small basket of laundry up stairs. And a small bag of garbage down stairs. And I didn’t fall over. It may seem like a small thing, and something that I’m sure I will one day take for granted. But that small thing has drastically affected the quality of my life.
But I wasn’t done yet.
It is now April 2010, a year and a half since I first me Mike. Two weeks ago my dream came true. I ran by the lake. I will be honest. It was a very slow run, but it was faster than a walk. I guarantee that there wasn’t a person out there that day that was happier than I was. I couldn’t stop smiling.
But I wasn’t done yet.
Two days ago I ran in an 8K. Me. I did it! I did it! I did it! I finished with a personal best of a 15 min. mile. I know I will never compete in the Olympics, or be a Super Athlete. But when I look at where I was a short time ago, and where I am today. I am so overwhelmingly happy.

And, I’m not done yet….​"

-Kim M.

​“Michael motivates me to keep working harder and reaching goals I never thought I would achieve, all while maintaining a complete faith that I could do it all along.  While his workouts are intense, they are crafted for my needs and abilities and incredibly varied so that through a broad range of exercises he is able to keep it fresh but still target all the areas I need to improve.  All of this comes with an immense amount of knowledge about how the body works, the best way to do each exercise, and a vigilant eye to keep me on track and maximizing each movement.  It is clear he has a personal stake in all his clients reaching their goals and even when I am exhausted he finds a new way to encourage me to keep going.  This coming from someone who once thought a quarter mile walk was strenuous.  I have never felt so consistently strong and healthy.  I have gained a lot of strength, dramatically improved my endurance,

and can see real changes in my body.“

-Elisa A.

"Mike is an excellent trainer and motivator.  He was instrumental in helping me train and get in shape for climbing Mt Rainier last summer.  His guidance had more impact on my overall fitness level than any other single sport training I was doing.  Most importantly, Mike’s personal ability to motivate was critical – I had him in my head for two days all the way up to 14,400 feet saying "come on! Just a little bit more. keep pushing!” and I did."

-Doug J.

"I thought I knew my way around a gym... and then I started working out with Michael.  Training with Michael is relevatory.  He brings an incredible amount of knowledge to each workout, always with a plan and never a dull moment.  I have learned workouts I didn't know were possible, and pushed myself harder than in any prior training experience.  Michael is a must have asset for anyone looking

to not only get in shape, but interested in learning how to stay in shape."

-Adam W.

"Michael is an outstanding fitness trainer. He is highly knowledgeable, experienced, and enthusiastic about what he does. His method of training people is very effective because he provides a friendly and encouraging training environment. He is patient, answers any and all questions but also pushes people to reach a higher level of fitness while making sure to keep them motivated. I enjoyed training with him and still use many of the exercises he taught me when exercising on my own. His exercises really come in handy when I am traveling, especially when I don't have access to a gym. I can exercise in my hotel room and still burn a significant amount of calories."


"I trained with Michael for four months.  Every session was something new and always focused on my needs.  He was genuinely interested in doing what was appropriate for me.  I had injured myself in the past working out by myself.  With Michael, his first concern was always doing each exercise with the right technique.  In the short time we trained I felt I had great results.  Michael is a wonderful trainer whom I would highly recommend."
-Gi G.

"Michael is a master of his craft.  He is pleasant to work with and incredibly skillful with a treasure trove of health and fitness knowledge.  I would recommend him to anyone looking for a first class personal trainer."

-Bala R.​

"Michael not only helped me build my strength and balance but he helped me understand the basis for the exercises and how to get the most out of my workouts."

-Donna M.​

"I greatly appreciate Michael's approach to personal fitness.  He took a comprehensive approach with me - a very out of shape, exercise avoidance female - that included an exercise regimen that made sense and recommendations on total health, nutrition and safety.  He took time to answer my many questions and educated me on how each of his recommendations impacted the shape of my body and overall health.  The icing on the cake, so to speak, is his open, friendly and supportive personality - a true motivator!"

-Eileen O.​

"Michael combines a unique combination of physiological background and experience, creativity and most importantly energy and genuine enthusiasm.  He also has the ability to tailor workouts to multiple levels so everyone gets their best workout possible."

-Chris R.​